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Talks & Movies

In March 2024 Sofia Bergh, PhD student in TNU, gave two presentations on Huntington disease during the NMT Days. This is an annual event, arranged by the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. A week of talks and demonstrations on a variety of topics show today’s research, and students in upper secondary school and their teachers are the audience. Sofia's talk is now available on UR:s website (UR is the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company).

See Sofia Bergh's talk on Huntington disease on UR Play (in Swedish only) 

On 22 November 2023 the European Huntington Association/Moving Forward Team arranged a webinar with talks about HD. Astri Arnesen, the President of the European Huntington Association, Lasse Pihlstrøm, a Norwegian HD neurologist and researcher, and Åsa Petersén, HD neuropsychiatrist and researcher, contributed to the webinar. If you wish to see Åsa Petersén's talk, skip to 39 minutes and 30 seconds into the video clip.

In Norwegian and Swedish only.



Petersén was awarded Wallenberg Clinical Scholar in 2020. In 2023 Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation produced a short film, together with Åsa, about Huntington's disease and Petersén's research on HD.


The Swedish public service radio program Kropp & Själ, Body & Mind, put the spotlight on Huntington disease in one episode in May 2022. Åsa Petersén was invited to the program, and one aspect of HD that was discussed was the dilemma of genetic testing.

You can access the episode on Sveriges Radio’s website: (in Swedish only).

Åsa Petersén and Sanaz Gabery gave talks about  HD research at the National Huntington Meeting in October 2021. It was a digital meeting where you can see and hear the talks at the home page of the Swedish patient organisation RHS: (Opens a new window)

The Swedish patients' organization for Huntington's Disease, RHS (Riksförbundet Huntingtons sjukdom), arrange a yearly national meeting. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 meeting was digital. The films below were made in September 2020. Published by courtesy of Riksförbundet Huntingtons Sjukdom. All films are in Swedish.

To view the Swedish subtitles, please click the third button from right in the control bar.


From RHS's national meeting in September 2020: Åsa Petersén on the latest international research and clinical trials and treatment.
Please note that there have been updates regarding the clinical trials described in this presentation since September 2020. 



From RHS's national meeting in September 2020: Sanaz Gabery talks about novel research on the brain’s electrical insulation system.



From RHS's national meeting in September 2020: A visit to our Huntington research lab.

Each year the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University, together with the health care organization Region Skåne and the Eric K. Fernström Foundation, organize the Research Day in Malmö and Lund. In 2019 the theme for the Research Day was mental illness, and Åsa Petersén was one of the scientific organizers.

See Åsa Petersén’s talk at the Research Day 2019:

When a gene causes mental illness - on YouTube (in Swedish only)

At the Research Day 2019, a film with Mathias and Birgitta Falk was presented. In the short movie they tell their story of how life with Huntington's disease can be. In Swedish only.

Movie about Huntington's disease - on YouTube

Åsa Petersén gave a talk about the latest HD research at the Swedish HD Patients' Organization, RHS, in Gothenburg in April 2018. In Swedish only.

Link to Åsa's talk: Research on Huntington's disease - on RHS:s website

In September 2018 the patients’ organizations in Ireland and Northern Ireland, arranged a joint conference in Ireland. In addition, they also held a skills development day for staff in the healthcare sector. Åsa Petersén gave lectures on Huntington’s disease, for both patients and staff. See her lectures by using the links below:

For patients: Research on non-motor aspects of Huntington disease - on YouTube

For staff: Huntington disease - on YouTube

Åsa Petersén's talk about HD and hypothalamic studies at the Research Day in 2010: HD and hypothalamic studies - on YouTube (in Swedish only)