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Åsa Petersén, MD PhD


Phone: +46 46 222 16 86
E-mail: Asa [dot] Petersen [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se 


Visiting address 
Translational Neuroendocrinology (TNU)
BMC House D Floor 11, Entrance from Klinikgatan 32 
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Postal address
Translational Neuroendocrinology (TNU), BMC D11
Department of Experimental Medical Science
Lund University
221 84 Lund, Sweden 

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Key publications

Soylu-Kucharz R, Adlesic N, Baldo B, Kirik D and Petersén Å.
Hypothalamic overexpression of mutant huntingtin causes dysregulation of brown adipose tissue.
Sci Rep. 2015 Sep 30;5:14598

Hult Lundh S, Nilsson N, Soylu R, Kirik D and Petersén Å.
Hypothalamic expression of mutant huntingtin contributes to the development of depressive-like behavior in the BAC transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease.
Human Molecular Genetics 22: 3485-3497 (2013)

Hult S*, Soylu R*, Björklund T, Belgardt BF, Mauer J, Brüning JC, Kirik D and Petersén Å.
Mutant huntingtin causes metabolic imbalance by disruption of hypothalamic neurocircuits.
Cell Metabolism 13: 428-439 (2011) *equal contribution

Gabery S, Murphy K, Schultz K, Loy CT, McCusker E, Kirik D, Halliday G and Petersén Å.
Changes in key hypothalamic neuropeptide populations in Huntington disease revealed by neuropathological analyses.  
Acta Neuropathologica 120: 777-788 (2010)

Soneson C, Fontes M, Zhou Y, Denisov V, Paulsen JS, Kirik D and Petersén A; The Huntington Study Group PREDICT-HD investigators.
Early changes in the hypothalamic region in prodromal Huntington disease revealed by MRI analysis.  
Neurobiology of Disease 40: 531-543 (2010)

Petersén Å, Gil J, Maat-Schieman MLC, Björkqvist M, Tanila H, Araujo IM, Smith R, Popovic N, Wierup N, Norlén P, Li JY, Roos RAC, Sundler F, Mulder H and Brundin P.
Orexin loss in Huntington’s disease.  
Human Molecular Genetics 14: 39-47 (2005). [Commentary by: Khamsi R, Nature 432:288 (2005) and by Hurtley S, Science 307:483 (2005)]

Translational Neuroendocrine Research Unit
Baravägen 27, BMC D11
221 84 Lund